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What we cultivate within spreads out.

I support and guide people to grow and evolve from inside out with the help of their guides and angels.

About Me

A Channel for Divine Light & Love

I support you to discover your true self, intentionally develop, grow, evolve from inside out and become the person that you desire to be. However your life has been, it is about to change!

What I Offer

Tap Into Your Potential. Align with Your Inner Wisdom

Open yourself to possibilities outside your conscious awareness.

Qi Gong & Angelic Healing Session

Includes a 15 Minute Free consultation

$50/ 30 minutes

  • Help you reduce stress, relax and sleep better

  • Help you become more joyful and positive towards life

  • Help you increase energy and clear anxiety

  • Help you clear anxiety and have a clear mind

  • Help you alleviate physical pain, accelerate healing

  • Help you build stronger connection with your guides and angels

  • Help you receive clear and helpful guidance from your guides and angels

*Often purchased with an angelic personal coaching session to integrate the messages from your guides and angels

Angelic Personal Coaching Session

Includes a 15 Minute Free consultation

$50/ 30 minutes

  • Help you set clear and achievable goals

  • Help you discover your purpose

  • Help you discover your true core identity

  • Help you create a support unit

  • Help you create strategies to employ positive changes

  • Help you align energetically

  • Help you break limiting beliefs and negative behavioral patterns

  • Help you increase the quality of your relationships

*Often purchased with an Angelic qi gong healing session to heal this issues discovered in the coaching session

Angelic Animal Healing Session

Includes a 15 Minute Free consultation

$50/ 30 minutes

  • Help your pets become more calm, relaxed and happy

  • Help your pets reduce stress or pain level

  • Help you connect and bond with your pets better

  • Help your pets become healthier physically, emotionally and psychologically

  • Help your pets become less nervous, aggressive, irritable or depressed

  • Help your pets release negative energy accumulated in their energy bodies

  • Help your pets improve mobility, digestion and nervous system issues

*Often purchased with an Angelic qi gong healing session to heal this issues discovered in the coaching session

Customized Subliminal Audios

Includes a 15 minute Free Consultation for new clients

$120/ audio

  • 20 - 30 minute one on one call to discover the core of your issues

  • Include healing and clearing message to clear your limiting beliefs

  • Call upon your higher self, spirit guides and angels to help you walk on your highest paths

  • Heals your from your past disappointments, disillusions, memories and help you move forward with a clear mind, heart and spirit

  • Include Ho'oponopono healing prayer to heal the root cause of the issue

  • Calms your mind and heals your body

  • Help you change your thinking and behavioural patterns to align with the person you desire to become

  • Develop more trust, compassion, love and appreciation for and from yourself

*Often purchased with an angelic coaching session to discover the root of your issues

Ho'oponopono & EFT Tapping

Includes a 15 minute Free Consultation

$50/ 30 Minutes

  • Help you move from the victimhood and over-controlling stage to the awakening stage

  • Help you develop great connection with your higher self and the universe

  • Help you clear limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, emotions and memories in your subconscious that are blocking your progress in life

  • Help you understand yourself better and build better relationship with yourself

  • Help you re-frame your identity to become the person you desire to be

  • Help you forgive yourself and others and develop greater compassion for yourself and others

  • Help you find the divinity in yourself

*Convallis pretium ornare fringilla

Why Work with Jane

I Help You Align with Your Higher Path, Grow and Evolve from Inside Out.


I help you develop deeper awareness and understanding of the root of your issues and how to grow beyong them


I offer unconditional compassion for whatever choice you make and help you develop unconditional compassion for yourself


I empower you to develop, grow, evolve and be the person you desire to be

To Join Our Amazing Community

Join Women's Qi Gong Class

Recent scientific and medical studies show that practicing qi gong regularly reduce stress, improves memory, helps with concentration, activates the parasympathetic nervous system and improve sleep quality.

Women tend to heal through connecting with other like-minded and like-hearted people and allowing our voices to be heard, understood and appreciated. Our healing energy also amplifies when we are in the presence of like-minded and like-hearted people. If you need support or want to progress faster on your spiritual and/or healing journey, please check out the links below.

Digital Course for Women 3 Installments USD (+Bonus for Women) https://janehuang23--purelandqigong.thrivecart.com/digital-course-women-3installments-usd/

Digital Course for Women 3 Installments CAD (+Bonus for Women) https://janehuang23--purelandqigong.thrivecart.com/digital-course-women-3installments-cad/

12 Month Gold Membership for Women - One payment USD https://janehuang23--purelandqigong.thrivecart.com/gold-membership-one-payment-usd/

Join EZway Network

I am a member of the EZway family which help people expand their brand, extend their reach, improve their results. If you have a purpose or a talent that you would like to share with the world, click on the link below to create a free profile. The time will never be just right. Allow you to be seen and heard!


Join Ezway now to:

• Share your mission, vision, purpose or talent with the world

• Pitch your idea to top leaders of various industries

• Connected with influential people to grow your brand

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• Connect with a family of like-minded people?

There are over 1,500 members. Below some of the members:

Mark Victor Hansen who is an American inspirational and motivational speaker, trainer and author. He is best known as the founder and co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.

Brandon Jay Who is an eZWay On Air Personality and has interviewed Paris Hilton, 50 cent, Aaron Carter, Nick Cannon, AKON, Fergie, Jamie Lee Curtis just to name a few. Brandon holds a distribution deal with Sony Music and is the founder of IMA ENTERTAINMENT.

Judge Joe Brown is a TV Personality and had the top rated Judge Show in history. He now has a podcast reaching millions and is a speaker, judge and is running for Mayor of Memphis Tennesse.

Kevin Sorbo who is best known for his roles as Hercules in Hercules, the Legendary Journey’s and Captain Dylan Hunt in Gene Roddenberry’s, Andromeda. He has been a driving force in Hollywood for over three decades.

Johnny "V" Venokur who is best remembered as a TV personality on Scott Baio's 45 and Single on VH1 is an actor, producer and acting coach who has been in the industry for over 30 years. Currently he is acting in a series for Netflix as well as producing and hosting on a show on the eZWay Network called "The Johnny Venokur Show"

The List goes on.


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What They Say

I enjoy working with Jane. Her kind and gentle manner is very reassuring. In our sessions together I have found an easing of pain and a lasting feeling of calm. Thank you Jane for taking the time to help and guide me.

Louisa Lidano, Oakville

Jane provided such a beautiful relaxing session for me today. I was so comfortable and was able to receive some very meaningful information for my future next steps. I was working on the issue of confidence and she was able to give me some practical steps towards making some further consistent and instrumental steps. Her soft gentle approach was informative and helped me to uncover the “why” I was feeling stuck and not able to complete some of my projects. I am deeply grateful for the insight that Jane provided for me.

Kathy Harris, Oshawa

I had a wonderful healing session with Jane. She was very effective at helping my mind and body relax. I had pain and tension in my neck and shoulder and I could feel it releasing during the session. She also shared some information from my spirit guides that was helpful to me. I look forward to doing more healing work with Jane!

Mary Koenigbauer Shoemaker, Michigan

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